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Staff Application Template
Template for the staff application.

You must change the color's of the questions and the answers to different colors.


Follow the template exactly.

If you fail to do these 2 things your application will be instantly denied.


Player Info:

In-Game Name:
Steam Name:
Discord name with numbers:
Are you currently a donator?:
Age (minimum 16):
Time zone (E.G. PST):
Have you ever been kicked, if so why:
Have you ever been banned, if so why:
Do you have any previous staffing experience?:
Do you have a working microphone (Required):
Have you read over the rules and memorized them?:
How many hours do you have on the server? (24 minimum):

Detailed Questions:

What makes you want to apart of the staff community on Archive?:
Why should we consider you for staff instead of others?:
How often would you be active as staff?:

Scenario Questions:

Say someone joins the server and doesn't know how to play?:
Say you're the only staff member on and someone begins to RDM?:
You notice another staff abusing his powers and breaking the server rules, what are your actions?:
You get into a sit with someone and they get mad and start threatening to DDoS the server, what are your actions?:
There's a player disrespecting you and other players constantly, what are your actions?:
Is there anything else you would like to add?

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