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Getting Started!
Looks like you've made it into the server, and you need some help!
Well this guide will get you on your feet and making money.

Step 1. Selecting Genetics
To start you're gonna press either "Q" or "C" those both bring up your Inventory.
From there select the tab that says "Genetics", you start off with 5 and you can select what ever you want. But make sure you have Intelligence and Dexterity at least 1/5, those ones are very important to start making money instantly.

Step 2. Buying Gardening Pots
You'll next want to walk to Ace's Hardware shop located to the right as you walk out of Nexus (Spawn), when you walk in go to the NPC on the right and buy 10 "Gardening Pots" (2nd row middle).

Step 3. Buying A House
After you purchase your pots walk over to the Bank and go to the NPC on the left, select "Id like you see your for-sale properties" and purchase yourself a house or apartment.

Step 4. Buying The Seeds
Walk out of the bank and go to the road to your right named "Nexus Drive" walk down the road towards the apartments and go to the stair case and go behind it, you'll see a NPC there. He buy's your drugs, sells you weed seeds, and will also send you text messages if you own a phone. You will want to purchase 5 weed seeds and 5 coke seeds to get started.

Step 5. Planting, Harvesting, Selling
Walk to your house and look where you want to plant, open up your inventory again and go to the mixtures tab this time. Select the sub tab called drugs and find the weed and cocaine image, click the picture to plant the item. Each batch takes about 12 minutes to fully grow and after that you can press your use (Default "E") key to harvest the drugs, make sure its fully grown else you will not yield a full harvest. Once you have some weed in your inventory you can return to the drug dealer to sell it for some money.

This is just one of many ways you can earn money in the server, Jobs of course give you a paycheck, but there's many more drugs to experiment with. You can find them under the Mixtures>Drugs tab.

If you need further assistance contact a admin in-game using the "/report" command.

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