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Official DarkRP Rules
General Rules:

1. Do not RDM
- Random Deathmatch, Randomly killing a player without an RP reason.
2. Do not RDA
-Random Arrest, Arresting a player without an RP reason.
3. Do not LTARP or LTAP
- Leaving to avoid a RP situation such as a raid/kidnap/mugging.
- Leaving to avoid punishment, such as leaving when you are jailed.
4. Do not FDA
- Fading door abuse, such as using key binds to open fading doors to shoot at raiders or cancel a lockpick or keypad crack
5. Do not FailRP
- Failing to act in the realism of your job, such as mugging someone as the President.
6. Do not break FearRP
- Failing to fear for ones life, such as a weapon being drawn you must comply to ones commands.
7. Do not Prop Abuse
- Such as killing players, prop surfing, prop spamming, prop surfing or prop pushing.
8. Do not break NLR
- When you die due to a valid RP reason you cannon't return to the scene of death for 3 minutes.
- If you die while your base is getting raided you cannon't return to the scene till the raid has ended.
9. Do not Minge
- Trolling or ignoring the rules, annoying a RP situation.
10. Do not Exploit
- Finding an exploit and abusing it will cause a punishment. It's best to report the exploit for a reward.
11. Do not Hack
- In no tolerable way hacking is accepted, its unfair for other players and is frowned upon.
12. Do not threaten other players or the server.
- Saying threats to other players or the server is not tolerated and will result in a perm ban.
13. Do not impersonate staff.
- Pretending to be a staff member will result in a punishment.
14. Do not disrespect or disobey staff members.
- Staff disrespect or disobedience is not tolerated and will result in a punishment.
15. Do not make false Admin Sits
- Such as reporting "Make me admin", "Admin to me". Use @ for questions and use !report to report a player.
16. Do not advertise.
- Advertising of any form is not tolerated.
17. Do not Scam players
- Such as taking a players money for a gun and not giving them their shipment.
18. Don't use loopholes.
- Such as bending the rules to avoid a punishment.
19. Racism is not tolerated on the server.

Building/Bases Rules:

1. Do not raid a base when someone has a building sign up.
2. Entities in a base is not allowed when a building sign is up.
- Entities such as printers or bit miners.
3. You can only have one base at a time.
4. Sky bases are not allowed.
5. Bases with crouch jumping is not allowed.
6. Angle bases are not allowed, players must be-able to shoot the other from the chest up.
7. Blackout bases are not allowed.
8. Shooting through one-way or no collided props is not allowed.
9. Prop blocking entities or prisoners is not allowed.
10. Double fading doors is not allowed (2 props flush with each other)
11. Your base cannot extend into the streets
12. Tunnel bases are not allowed only if players can pass through without interruption.
13. You may not use false keypads to distract people from raiding.
14. All bases must have one clear entrance.
15. Base entrance's can't have more then 3 fading doors.
16. Keypads must have a minimum duration of 5 seconds.
17. Your keypads can't have any delay.
18. Both players should be-able to see each other during combat.
19. Your base can't affect others movement speed.
20. You can't build in the streets unless your job allows you.
21. Fading doors should have keypads on both sides.
22. All fading doors should be lock pick-able.
23. You may not have a base inside the fountain gates.
24. Base's may not contain flashing props that obscure raiders vision.
25. KOS lines may not go past the sidewalk.

Raiding Rules:

1. You may not begin to raid until you advert "Raid" or "Raid assist"
2. Raiding can last up to 10 minutes on a regular base and 20 on a mega base.
3. You must wait 30 minutes before raiding the same persons base.
4. You must wait 10 minutes between raids.
5. Bank raids and PD raids must be labeled in their advertisement, such as "Bank Raid" and "PD Raid".
6. If you die assisting a raid you may not come back until the raid is over.
7. You cant assist a raid if you have a cool-down active.
8. You cant counter a raid if you have a cool-down on that base.
9. You may not edit your base during an active raid.
10. You may not leave to avoid a raid that is considered LTARP.

Party Rules:

1. Party members are allowed to defend each other.
2. NLR still applied while in a party.
3. You must be in a party to start a mega base.
4. If you are in a party with people who cant base together you must avoid every RP situation with them
- Such as a thief being raided a member of PD cant help.

Mugging Rules:

1. The max mug is $50,000
2. A mug must be adverted clearly with your demands, such as "Mug, drop 50k in 10 seconds or die"
3. You may not mug someone with a weapon out (FailRP)
4. If you are getting mugged you cant counter (FearRP)
5. You cant mug hobos/cops.
6. You must wait 15 minutes before mugging the same person
7. You must wait 5 minutes between muggings.

Kidnapping Rules:

1. Kidnappings must be adverted, example "Kidnap, your hands are bound and your voice is gagged"
2. You are allowed to hold the kidnapper for ransom, max is $500,000
3. You cant kidnap the same person for 15 minutes
4. Max time to hold the victim is 10 minutes
5. You may not kidnap someone with a weapon out (FailRP)
6. As the victim you must follow the kidnappers commands (FearRP)
7. You may not kidnap more then one person at a time.

Countering Rules:

1. You must advert a counter.
2. You must follow the RP situation to counter, such as a thief countering a raid.
3. You must wait 15 minutes before countering the same person.
4. You may not counter a government raid.

Stealing Rules:

1. You must advert a steal.
2. Stealing has a 5 minute cooldown
3. If someone tried to counter the steal you may kill them and if they drop anything its your's.
4. You may KOS anyone who is stealing your things.

Airdrop Rules:

1. Once the airdrop drop's out of the plane, thats when the pvp starts.
2. PVP is only inside the fountain gates

Government Rules:

1. You may only base inside the Police Department.
2. Government officials may not have any illegal entities.
3. You may only weapon check people inside the Police Department or with a valid reason.
4. You must follow the laws unless they are against the rules.
5. The front doors of the Police Department must be unlocked at all times unless during a raid.
6. Police may break NLR during a PD Raid or Bank Raid.
7. It is AOS past the second door of the Police Department.
8. You may be corrupt as a cop.
9. You cant issue false warrents.
10. As the President you cant include "KOS" in your laws
11. All laws must have a valid RP reason.

Hitman Rules:

1. You can't ask a player to set a specific hit on a player.
2. You may not base with anyone.
3. You can't raid unless your class lets you.
4. You are not allowed to kill your target if they are building
5. You may not assist a hitman

Terror Rules:

1. You must advert before initiating a terror, if you fail to it will be considered as rdm.
2. You may not terror with any other weapon besides the bomb
3. You must wait 10 minutes between each terror
4. You may not terror inside someones base or while running around.

Rapist Rules:

1. You must advert before violating someones no no square
2. You must wait 5 minutes between each rape

Hobo Rules:

1. Hobo's may mic spam
2. You may mic spam ear-rape but its up to a staff member to decide if its too much.
3. You are allowed to build in the streets but it can't block any path for other players.
4. Hobo's can't have KOS signs.

Staff Sits Rules:

1. RP is paused while you are in a staff sit
2. As a hitman and you have a active hit on someone in a sit you will be punished for interfering with a staff sit
3. Running away or leaving is LTAP and will only increase your punishment.

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