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Custom Class Template
Thank you for purchasing a Custom Class from us, we really appreciate it!
Please follow the template down below to submit your custom class, it will take a few days to have it implemented into the server.
The salary of the class is automatically set to $1,000 so please don't ask for a custom salary unless you want it lower.
Please use a different color of text then the questions so its easier for us to read.
You are allowed to grab anything off the workshop and use it in your class.

General Info about the class:

Your Steam ID (Click here to find it):

Name of job:

Job description:

Player Model you would like:

Weapons you would like in this class:

Do you want this class to be a hit man?:

Would you like to add a friend to be able to use this class? If so what is their Steam ID:

Is their anything else you would like to be added to the class?

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