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Report's Template
You must fill out all of the questions or your application will be denied.
Lying on the Report's will have it declined and have you served a punishment.
Please use a different color text from what the questions are, otherwise we will decline and ask you to resubmit.
If your application gets declined you can resubmit within a week unless directed not to.

General Questions:

Your Steam Name:

Your Steam ID (Click here to find it):

Your Discord Name with #:

Your In-Game Name:

Their Steam Name:

Their Steam ID (Click here to find it):

Their Discord Name with #:

Their In-Game Name:

Link proof of what the reported player was doing:

Paragraph Questions:
Answer these questions in a full paragraph or you have a greater chance of being declined.

Tell us your side of the story of why you are reporting this player:

Is there anything else you would like to add?

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