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Ban Appeal Template
You must fill out all of the questions or your application will be denied.
Don't ask staff to go look at your appeal or it will be declined.
Lying on the ban appeal will have it declined.
Please use a different color text from what the questions are, otherwise we will decline and ask you to resubmit.
If your application gets declined you can resubmit within a week unless directed not to.

General Questions:

Steam Name:

Steam ID (Click here to find it):

Discord Name with #:

Length of ban:

Admin who banned you:

Reason for ban:

Please link here any images, videos, or proof you are innocent:

Detailed Questions:
Answer these questions in a full paragraph or you have a greater chance of being declined.

Please tell us your side of the story of why you were wrongfully banned.:

If you were not wrongfully banned please tell us why you deserve to be un-banned:

Is there anything else you would like to add?:

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